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Kleopatra Ormos, M.D.

Kleopatra Ormos, M.D. has spent her career refining methods that integrate principles of neuroscience, psychiatry, ancient medical and spiritual practices, nutrition, and exercise to help her clients improve their emotional and physical health, and their personal and professional performance.

She received her M.D. degree in Hungary, completed her psychiatry residency in New York, and gained licensure to practice medicine in California, Hungary, Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island.

She holds a diploma in acupuncture from the Boltzmann Institute, Vienna, Austria; in traditional Chinese (TCM) acupuncture and herbal medicine from the Academy of Pain Research, San Francisco, California; in Japanese Matsumoto style structural acupuncture from Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, Massachusetts; in classical Chinese acupuncture from the Formación Superior de Acupunctura, Barcelona, Spain; and classical Chinese herbal medicine (Jing Fang) from the Formation Supérieur de la Pharmacopée Originelle Chinoise, Paris, France.

She worked and studied in several different educational systems, fields, and circumstances in a variety of cultures: among others these ranged from Ayurvedic primary health care and Buddhist leprosy camps in India, general hospital in Uzbekistan, obstetric and midwifery services in Sweden, National Institute of Neurosurgery in Hungary, psychiatry department of University Hospital in Austria, and Academy of Chinese Traditional Medicine in China. 

In her capacity as secretary general of the International Federation of Medical Students' Associations (Vienna, Austria), she researched new approaches to community-based education and problem-oriented learning.  As an outgrowth of this research she initiated a primary-health-care project, The Village Concept, which was implemented in Ghana to serve as a model for other developing countries.

She consulted to the Chief Medical Officer for Educational Planning, Methodology, and Evaluation in the Division of Health Manpower Development of the World Health Organization (WHO Geneva, Switzerland) with regard to medical curricula and training of health personnel. She also served as a member of the WHO task force on cross-professional education of health personnel, whose report, "The Team Approach," became part of the official WHO guidelines.

Her work and research experience at the National Institute of Mental Health (Bethesda, Maryland) led her to pursue psychiatry as her specialty focusing on panic disorder and stress management in particular. As a diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, she worked in her private practice in Massachusetts, supervised psychologists and therapists and and coached industry executives and teams. In her personal time she supported writers, performers and producers with regard to character development for screenplays, novels and films.

In 2003 she founded Sobras Institute as a venue for researching and developing unconventional, creative educational tools in order to assist learning and teaching about sustainable mental, emotional and physical health. She coached practical skills of reconditioning old dysfunctional habits, which may have prevented healing, efficiency or personal satisfaction in the lives of her clients.

She speaks several languages, modern and classical, which allows her to pursue her passion for studying ancient scripts of traditional healing practices and compare them with findings of modern scientific research. Dr Ormos is an adapt practitioner of qigung, yoga and meditation.

If you understand Hungarian, follow Dr Ormos through history as she explores messages from her elders on healing, Rovas script and the roots of wisdom: